Tech Predictions 2015

I always like to try and look ahead and guess the years teach trends and so my 5 preictions for 2015 are below
  • 1. New Apple TV with an official gaming controller to rival google and amazon. This is would be simple to do and developers would most likely quickly update esicting iOS game to take advantge of this.
  • 2. The end of free to play games. None of the new breed of free to play developers such as Zynga are making any money so i don't see how they can continue for ever without turning a profit add to that i think people will get tired of having to pay out for add-ons to games.
  • 3. Intel starts making ARM chips again for Apple. This has always seemed like a good idea and i don't know why both of them haven't done it so far. Apple could reduce the money it feeds Samsung and Intel would instantly gain huge market share in the mobile space but this all depends if Intel is to proud to admit x86 is just not good enough on performance per watt as ARM.
  • 4. Nintendo doesn't anounce any new hardwear. This is a bit of an anti prediction i suppose but with all talk and rumor of Nintendo releasing a new home console or some kind of combined portable and home console at E3 2015 im going to say it won't happen this year. Nintendo is a company that sticks to it's guns most of the time and if they can sqeeze out a bit of profit from the Wii U i think they will wait until 2017 before launching anything new.
  • 5. Colour Kindle eBook reader. Please please plese Amazon put that Liquavista purchase to use at last.